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A Windows 10 Download

A Windows 10 Download

MSC windows10


Microsoft has done it again with launching the new Windows 10. The new features make computer surfing a lot more enjoyable and with the new added explorer named the Edge different dimensions make it more usable for sending information to a friend or researching data.

You will find with Windows 10 a new player called HTML 5 player that will replace the Adobe flash. Withthe new HTML5 player you will not have the buffering when you are streaming movies and or games.

Before you can enjoy windows 10 you have to take advantage of the free download. I must mention that the Windows free down load will be limited to only one year after that introductory time you will be paying hundreds of dollars for the same program.

Let’s get started with how to download:

Ask Google: How to down load Windows 10?

Choose the second one “How to upgrade to windows 10 – Microsoft

Remember the upgrade is named an update and will only work with Windows 7, 8,8.1.  if you have windows Vista, you will have to upgrade to windows 7 then download windows 10.

 By choosing the proper webpage you will come to the below website:

google 1Windows download

After you reach the page scroll down until you see the phrase below

The PhraseIf you’d like to create a USB drive or DVD to download once and upgrade multiple PCs – click here. 

Insert your USB or DVD-R now, so you can download

 You will need to know what bit is your operating system

If you do not know your bit number for your operating system, you will need to find it.  

The bit number is very important with how your computer works if you download the wrong bit number your drivers will not work. Leaving your computer useless. What you will get is a solid black screen at start up. Follow the directions below to find your bit for you operating system.

Here is what you do:

Windows 7

Click on the start Icon at the bottom left

Look for “My Computer” and right Click then

Go to properties and click.  You can read what operating system you have 32bit or 64 bit


 Windows 8.1

Here is what you do

Press the Windows key on your keyboard

Windows 10





On the tile page type Computer

Follow the same as Windows 7 by right clicking the computer word.

After you have found what bit your operating system is, you can choose the file to send to your USB or DVD-R on the correct ID on the purple button.

Go to:

Choose and click the proper box to start download.

windows 10







Opening up your down load and install

Go to your USB drive or insert your DVD-R

Choose the file that is titled the same as your Bit operating system.

Click and Run the file

Windows download will do the rest.

A quick note since you are downloading from the internet you may encounter a corrupt version of Windows 10 and will need to reinstall.

Just go to settings then recovery and select send back to whatever version of windows you use to have.

Good Luck

Copyright August 13, 2015 MSC