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How To Use Cloud Computing within Windows 10

How To Use Cloud Computing within Windows 10

What is Cloud Computing?

In this instruction video, you will learn the basics of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing  is still new with many computer users. We have customers constantly coming in asking us to recover their files after a hard drive crash. It can be very important pictures, documents including important data. We have found this to be true with individuals as well as businesses. The simple remedy for this is using the cloud to store critical information However, if you don’t know how to use the cloud then the cloud has no value.

In Windows 10 your log in account assigns you an automatic cloud drive named One Drive. You can go to One Drive by going to then enter your account e-mail and password. After that, open the site to see all of your folders and files. By going to One, you will have the option to share certain files with others without compromising your total drive.  Also, you can purchase more drive space here and gain gig bonus storage as well.

How safe is your data?

Cloud Computing has many systems for back ups to secure your files. Banks, governmental agencies use the cloud service to protect and save there critical files. When saving your data the cloud system does not only create back ups the system its self is redundant. What I mean by redundant is all your data is not held in one place. Let’s say if you have a data center in LA the mirror image of that data is backed up in another place like in Michigan. Therefore, if an earthquake devastates LA, Michigan will take over in milliseconds thus keeping you data safe.

Storage Devices can fail.

Stick or thumb drives and or CD’s can fail for different reasons.  Old technology caused us to use these devices to backup our data. Over time, the backup drive can become corrupt due to dropping or exposing the drive to moisture. Once the drive fails, in most all cases, the data is gone. You can however, still retrieve the data which can cost upwards to thousands of dollars to recover. In the case of business files, that price must be spent.

Today’s use for portable storage devices such as Thumb or Stick drives, is to transfer files from one computer to the other. Disc storage such as CD-R’s are almost obsolete. One scratch and the CD data is destroyed. I really do not suggest storing critical data on CD’s of any kind.

What this free video will offer you.

Cloud computing is a confusing word in that the normal computer user can’t picture the design of what it is by picturing a cloud.  This video will explain what it is and how the cloud works. Most of the time the design for the cloud is nothing more than a massive storage area where your data is backed up and redundant.  After you watch our video “How to use cloud computing within Windows 10” you will not only learn what it is but we give a short explanation of how to use it.

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