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How To Change Your Download Drive Windows 10

How To Change Your Download Drive Windows 10

There are times when you don’t want to  use your “C” drive to store all your downloads from the internet. Especially if you have a small drive like I do. I use an SSD hard drive to give me speed. However, I use a New volume “E” drive of one TB to store all my pictures and documents and essential things I do not want taking up my 250 GB SSD.

This is how you can change your download drive to automatically save to a cloud drive or an external hard drive. 

Using Windows 10:

First open your explorer

Go to the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner and click on them.

Go to the very bottom of the drop down menu

Click on settings

Upon that drop down menu go to the bottom once more and click on Advanced settings.

Drop down to the middle of the panel to where you see “change”

Click on that and you will see your explorer menu select a drive and file and then at the right hand of the box select file.

When you select the file folder it will appear on the drop down panel above the word “change” and that will be your new download area for internet downloads.

I made a video to help you under stand please feel free to use the video as a guide.

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