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How To Protect Your Files From Ramsom Ware

How To Protect Your Files From Ramsom Ware

Ransom Ware.

Just days ago, hundreds of countries found their computer system hostage to Ransom Ware. Ransom Ware is a hostile virus that encrypts all computer repairyour files by using a different extension that cannot not be removed unless you pay a certain amount of money to have them unlock your files.

What has been found is that, with Ransom Ware, the money you send may not unlock your files at all. The kidnapper may take your money and run. However, if by chance, they do unlock your files, you are subject to future hacks.

I do want to say too. All history in the restore feature will be wiped clean as well. All files will be rendered useless and recovery programs gone. Scanning from your anti-virus programs will be shutdown. Once you receive the virus, your options for recovery is to wipe the computer clean and reinstall the operating system again.


How will Ransom Ware attack you.

Keep this in mind. All drives with a drive letter like “C” “F” etc. will be infected when the virus hits. Your backup drive will need to be ramsomwaredisconnected from your computer. If you are using an online system to back up your PC you are safe. There should not be a drive letter to the assigned online drive. If you are using a server with an assigned letter, everything on that server will be encrypted.

How to protect your computer from Ransom Ware.

The number on area the Ransom Ware lives is in hostile e-mail. If you are not sure of the email or do not know the person who sent it. Remove the e-mail. If it is a friend who sent the e-mail and it is out of character contact the sender to ensure the email came from them.  The basic rule is if the email does not benefit you in some way it is not for you.

Make certain, that you perform backups to essential files such pictures, documents etc.  If you do not want to lose it, back it up. If a ransomware attacks your computer, these files will be lost to its entirety.

Keep backed up files off the computer during runtimes. Only connect backups during a specific time and then disconnect.

Use the cloud as much as possible it is safe and efficient.

These are a few tips to combat the intrusions that may haunt you at latter dates. Be vigilant in what you open and download. Life on the internet can be a happy experience when you are protected.