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We service many areas in North Texas including Dallas and Ft. Worth. Take the time to call and set an appointment for a meeting so we can set down and plan a perfect marketing and a supportive IT plan with you

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Making the decision to call us is a good decision. You will find we will discuss any problem you may have and in most cases we solve the problem over the phone. At times seniors or just plane non computer people get in a hard spot. They need answers now! It may be a simple question. We at MSC, are here for that too. Just pick up the phone and call. We will help with your problem at no cost especially for seniors, vets, police and fire and general public. We believe in earning your trust and respect the old fashion way. It is a part of our business.

306A Granbury St. Cleburne TX. 76033 (across the street from HEB)


Text us: 214-724-8060 or 214-724-0005

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We have a Website services that create stunning websites, white board videos and videos for unique marketing innovations.