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Remote Repair and FAQ

Help Desk Can Remote Into Your Computer and Fix Your Problem.

If you want to have us remote into your computer you must first set an appointment.
By calling 817-768-8717.
We will set a time and direct you back to this page.
After that, we will call you and you will be directed to download our remote program. Don’t worry, this process is highly protected and is a third party program. We believe in high security and will never breach your information.
Click the button below and we will instruct you on what to do then leave it all to us.
Click Here To Remote Repair


How can I be assured with remote repair, that once you leave my computer, you would be permanently locked out?


MSC Help Desk is designed to quickly remote in and repair your computer. We use a 3rd party remote process. We do not own the system to gain access into your computer. Once we repair your PC then we will end the process. After we end our session, we will never be allowed back into your PC without your permission.

Can you tell me the symptoms that indicate that I have a virus?

Computer virusIf you have a virus your computer will run very slow. Pop ups will occur and sometimes, you will not be able to access the internet. Continuing to use your computer in that condition can ruin your hard drive. We recommend that you call us immediately. MSC has free diagnostics

Do you repair hard drives and do hardware replacemnts?

We a MSC have trained technicians that are skilled in replacing hard drives, laptop screens, mother boards and more. We do not use used parts and all of our work is guaranteed. Yes, we repair Apple products as well.

Do you do data recovery?

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How long does it take for you to repair a computer or laptop?

fast turnaroundMSC has a goal of getting your PC back to you as fast as we possible can. We realize that time can be an issue with critical situations. But, others are to. If you want our services faster than we normally offer then we will have to attach a small fee of $11.00 that will accommodate our techs to stay over on your repair. Each repair is different and cost can vary. The accelerated cost will not change it will remain $11.00 no more , no less.

Are you on Facebook?

FacebookYes we are on Facebook Also, we have a free computer help on Facebook it is called Milly (free computer help)

Come join us and like our page.

What if I am out of town? Can you still do computer repair?

TechsIf you live out of town and want our expert team to repair your computer we still will give you the low prices. All you do, is pay for the shipping to and from.

If we can remote into your computer, we can repair the problem while you watch. Our friendly techs will give you the same respect on the phone as if you are here in person.